Friday, November 23, 2012

The Bleeding Edge of the Car Biz

Goldman Sachs thinks you can make 40% on Ford. I think that figure should be a lot closer to 400%.
China has finally, truly and wholeheartedly embraced "21st century American-style capitalism."
God help them.
Here's the headline that popped up on one of my news feeds a day or so ago: "Chinese Carmakers Record Sales."
That's right, in the middle of a yearlong global recession, China is selling more cars than ever before. Skimming down through the article, one notes that sales of minivans are up some 40% Q1 2008 to Q1 2009.
China's "Recession"
How can this be true? Isn't China suffering too as depressed American and European consumers decline to buy their cheap T-shirts and lead-painted gewgaws?
Actually, China's version of recession is a tad different than ours. It did indeed miss its target of a blistering 8% annualized growth rate for the first quarter of 2009, settling instead for a "mere" 6.1%, a figure for which most any Western finance minister would sell his children.

Keeping the Lights on With Passive Solar Energy

Whenever the holidays roll around, one can't help but be reminded of how much energy we needlessly waste in this country. A quick trip to the shopping mall illustrates quite well our misuse of power as a society, as well as embarrassing waste when it comes to energy efficiency. Garish blinking ornaments, fire sale floodlights, and millions of useless electronic gewgaws and knick knacks sucking up juice from the grid are not only an eyesore on a blighted visual landscape. They're practically a slap in the face to anyone struggling to keep up with home heating and electricity bills that have gotten outrageous in the past few years.
When economic times get tough, people are generally forced to do some belt tightening. One department in which some of the fat can be trimmed is in the monthly utility bill. The modern home sucks up a lot of juice from the power company, and there are big bucks to be saved by streamlining the energy profile of ones house. The best ways to do this are in eliminating frivolous energy use when possible, and by investing in more efficient appliances and lighting options in the present, to save more in the future.

Baby Shower Gifts For the Baby and the Mommy

Baby showers are loads of fun, and all you have to do is bring along one of those baby shower gifts that will make the mommy happy. But how do you get the perfect gift?
Baby Shower Gifts For the Mom
If you're in you're twenties, you're likely to be attending more weddings and baby showers. It's a lot easier to buy wedding gifts, but when it comes to the baby shower gifts, you want something special. Who doesn't? But the task can be daunting when you're looking at dozens of colorful baby gifts. You just don't know where to begin looking!
The problem is compounded when you have no baby experience whatsoever. Remember that you can also give the mom a gift to make her feel special, too. Ask your seasoned baby shower friends to help you pick out the gifts that is both practical for baby and mommy.
For the mom, scented bath salts with essential oils will make her feel like a queen when she soaks in the tub. These come in adorable glass heart bottles with dainty organza bows and different scents - jasmine, ocean, green tea, ivory, and white jasmine. You can also go for scented votive candles housed in frosted glass. Your friend can light these up for a relaxing "cuddle time" with her hubby.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Squeeze Pages that Will Make Your Lead List Explode!

If you have been doing internet marketing for very long, you probably know the value of squeeze pages. These simple websites are excellent tools for getting opt-in leads. Once you have collected a list of subscribers, you will have a warm audience to market products to. Over time, you can turn many of these leads into paying customers!
But why are a few internet marketers able to build large lists, while many just get visitors that quickly leave? The answer is in the squeeze pages. A well designed squeeze page can generate lots of subscribers, while a poorly designed on will drive visitors away.
So how do you create a great squeeze page?
There are several elements that make up an effective squeeze page. Learn these elements, and your squeeze pages will work much harder for you:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Child's Furniture - For The Little Sailor In Your Home

Is your barnacles clad barnacle bill ready to take the sea by storm? Is the sailor in your child shouting Ahoy! whenever he feels like shouting? Then it's time you do something for him, which will make him love you all the more and also inspire him in different ways.

Sailing Theme for Child's Furniture

Sailing and sailors is a theme which has become a hot favorite among children between the ages of 2-10. This flame has been instigated all the more by movies like "Pirates of The Caribbean". Therefore, a great number of parents are insistent about child's furniture that can decorate a room with sailing theme.

The Seafarer's Delight

Sailing theme has caught the imagination of both girls and boys alike. Their penchant for the sea and surf is fired by the ships and boats all around their rooms. Even small knick knacks contribute to the mariner spirit in different ways. From Marine duvet cover set and quilted coverlet to bed spreads and bed covers, from Marine Applique Tab Top Curtains and Marine floor mats to pillow cases and cushion covers, there are beautiful designs that please the seaman at heart.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weddings The Second Time Around

Love is lovelier the second time around... so the saying goes. It is always a special joy to find someone special but after you've become a statistic, it is especially thrilling. Let's face it, finding someone who can handle the emotional baggage that comes from being a divorcee, and in some cases possibly becoming an instant parent, is not easy.

For those who have chosen to take the plunge a second time here are some advantages that you may not have realized you have:

- You do not have to wear an elaborate gown to your wedding. You can now wear a simpler gown without all the flounces and gewgaws used for young girls' nuptials.

- You are not expected to wear white as you walk down the aisle. You can get married in almost any color you want. Of course, there is a preference for the pale shades (getting married in black is still discouraged). Still, no one will look askance if you decide to get married in champagne colored silk or a gorgeous bronze gown that you adored on sight.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Now is the Best Time

Jimmy and his wife have been invited to an article writing phone in seminar. One of the Gurus' got their name from an email list and asked if they would like to participate as "experts".
They both tripped over each other as they rushed to the phone and accepted the invite. Hillary (Jimmy's wife) wants the publicity for her upcoming senate run. Any advertising is good advertising, her advisers have told her. One good thing about phone in shows is no one can see you. If you look frumpy and burned out, who cares?
Jimmy of course is always ready to get in on any free publicity. There is sure to be at least a couple of chances to mention Dang Purr Gewgaws. That will make him look good back home.
They are on the way to the Guru's studio in Hillary's government limo when the driver pulls over and says he is quitting. Why? Asks Jimmy. I am sick of the job and have a better offer from the president of AwlMarket. They will give me a 50% pay raise and 2 hours free shopping at any AwalMarket store per month.
Jimmy say's are they looking for any more drivers? Hillary grabs him by the _alls and gently squeezes, saying now, now Jimmy! Jimmy quickly say's "only joking" to the driver. The driver gets out and walks away.
As they try to decide who will try to drive the car they notice a large hole in the fence beside the car. It is as if someone had driven a tank through it. The bricks and concrete are shattered and strewn all around them. "I wonder what did that", Hillary says. Jimmy says "I think it must have been a tank".